Centre For Learning
CFL is a community of students and adults interested in learning about ourselves and our relationship with the world. This learning involves not only academics and other life skills, but also a deeper exploration about our emotions and thought processes and the way we respond to the challenges of life. The questions raised by J Krishnamurti play a significant role in our educational vision.​​​​​​​
CFL Webinar #1: Child-centred Education
With Kamala Mukunda Venkatesh Onkar & Rhythm Parikh
CFL Webinar #2: Conversations with young people 
With Nagini Prasad, Sachin Mishra and Kamala Mukunda
CFL Webinar #3: “I just want my child to be a good human being.” 
With: Keerthi Mukunda, Rupa Suresh, Venkatesh Onkar
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