Festival of Stories:​​​​​​​ #01 
21-22 October, 2016
During Festival of Stories #1, Art in Transit collaborated with 75 city, national and international artists, and held events at the Cubbon Park Metro Station, Cubbon Park, Bal Bhavan, Venkatappa Art Gallery and Vishweshwaraya Technical Museum. From virtual reality interactions to mythological shadow puppetry; from 12th century Vachana poetry recitals to zine workshops and graffiti sessions; from food walks to story-collecting / storytelling booths, and of course large public murals; the festival brought artists, students and community organizations together to share stories about the city.
Filmed by Alok Utsav
Direction, Cinematography & Editing
Festival of Stories: #08 Questions to Cities 
22-23 September, 2018

It's a culmination of three years of work where we've been working with San Francisco artists and Bangalore artists as San Francisco and Bangalore share a sister-city relationship. Through performances, poetry, propositions, workshops and more, the festival asks questions to the past, present and future of Bangalore about her own identity.
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